As ever, we herald in each New Year with Classes. We feel there is no better way to begin a New Year. We can embrace the new Members, get to know them, and help all of us grow as we take or re-take classes to help us get rolling on new projects for the year.

Classes are announced at our monthly General Meetings, in our Monthly Newsletter and can be found on our Event Calendar.  Once a member, you may signup for classes at our monthly General Meetings, by using our online Class Sign up form or contacting the Classes Chairman.

Classes offered:


Lapidary classes are usually the first class offerings of the each year. They normally begin the end of January or beginning of February. Lapidary is a prerequisite to being able to use shop equipment and taking Intarsia, Faceting and Silversmithing classes.

Rock and Mineral Identification





Venetian Glass Bead Making

Bead Stringing

Chain Maille