Scholarship Program

In order to encourage students who might have an interest in pursuing a degree and career in the area of Physical Science(s), Midland Gem & Mineral Society (MG&MS) will award a $1,000 scholarship to each of two (2) students as selected by the scholarship committee of this organization. An initial $500 will be awarded to each recipient before the first semester of college. The recipients must submit to MG&MS signed transcripts within ten (l0) days after posting of grades for the first semester of college. At that time, the remaining $500 will be awarded as long as: (1) the student has passing grades in all courses; and (2) the student is considered by the college or university as eligible to attend classes. After the second semester, final grades must be submitted to MG&MS. Failure to use the scholarship money for attending college classes will require that the full amount be returned to Midland Gem & Mineral Society.


• Applicant must currently be a senior at an accredited public or private school in Midland County, Texas or be a high school senior who is the child or grandchild of a person who is a member of MG&MS, such member having been active for the year preceding the child’s application.
• Applicant must plan to pursue a degree and career in Physical Science(s) or related field.
• Applicant must submit application by the deadline designated below.


Download Personal/Scholastic Information sheets (Pages 2 and 3), print, and complete.
• Official copy of current transcript from high school.
• A short, typed essay by applicant, including a personal biography and describing plans or aspirations for study or work in the area of Physical Science or related field.
• Letter(s) of reference from current or former science teacher(s), indicating applicant’s character and motivation, may be enclosed or mailed directly to the address below.
• Application package, postmarked no later than March 25 th of year of application, to:
Scholarship Committee
Midland Gem & Mineral Society
P. O. Box 5043
Midland, Texas 79704
All information sent to Midland Gem & Mineral Society is strictly confidential. It will only be used to provide the requirements and applications to potential applicants. Please submit any questions about the Scholarship Program via our Contact Us Form.